Receding and Revealing

by | Mar 26, 2018 | Faith, Fear, Five-Fold Ministry, Freedom, Future, Hope, Peace, Promise, Provision, Revelation, Trust | 0 comments

The situation that created a flood of emotion in your life is beginning to recede. Just as Noah had to trust the plan of God when the rains came, so it has been with you. Continue to wait in His presence with expectant trust. The mountaintops are beginning to appear all around you even though you cannot yet seem them because you have been enclosed by God in a place of safety. Your arrival is being prepared. The remnants of your storm are disappearing from the landscape of your life. Relationships and hidden opportunities are drying out in preparation for your arrival. Soon, the dove will be released and bring back to you the evidence of new life in a new place. God has saved you and He will be faithful to deliver you. The door to your future is about to open.


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