Some spiritual battles were so intense that in the heat of combat we lost connection with people. Some never returned home. God is about to reunite those who were taken captive or who have been missing in action. A beautiful reunion is coming.

Last week, I was in Winston, Oregon at The River Church. Harold Eberle and I were doing a conference together about the Father’s heart. Before the meetings began, I took a walk to pray.  Behind the facility where the conference was being held is a city park. Within the park, I discovered a POW-MIA memorial.  The memorial flew three flags – the flag of the United States of America, the flag of the State of Oregon and the POW-MIA flag. Surrounding the memorial were short walls made of brick, many of the bricks bearing the names of soldiers. It was a somber and poignant reminder of the price some have paid for our freedom.

On the POW-MIA flag and inscribed on the memorial wall were the words, “You are not forgotten.” Those who created this memorial and others like it across our nation want those who were taken captive during war or who are still missing in action to know they are not forgotten. Hope always keeps a candle burning in the window.

The same is true in a spiritual battle. In the heat of conflict, some were taken captive, and others are still missing in action. God is bringing these lost ones home. Imagine a soldier who was once a prisoner of war or considered missing in action walking into that POW-MIA memorial in Winston, Oregon after years of thinking they had been forgotten. What would it feel like for them to read the words, “You are not forgotten.”

Today, inventory the seasons of spiritual battle in your history and do a head count. Who is missing? Build a place of memorial for them in your heart and mind. Talk about their memory with words of love and honor. They fought the same battles with you. You got to come home. The pain of their experience has delayed their arrival. When these returning ones arrive, be the first to run out to greet them and welcome them home. The embrace of that reunion will bring great joy to you, to the returning ones and to every person who chose to stand with you in that place of memorial.


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