Breakthrough has become a well-worn word in the current sea of prophetic ministry. There are promises of breakthrough everywhere you turn on social media and in the blogosphere. Breakthrough has become an elusive prize for a lot of people. The search for a magic bullet or secret formula has revealed a lack of maturity in the Church sending some on detours without a destination. What these searchers have yet to realize is the promised breakthrough will many times come when we simply return to the less glamorous option of raw obedience to something God has previously requested.

Every word of God has the gritty presence of obedience somewhere in the vocabulary of its prophetic promise. Sometimes we move away from these seemingly insignificant requests for our obedience in search of a dramatic breakthrough and as a result, never experience a real breakthrough. Breakthrough is the by-product of obedience, not the goal.

Obedience is a critical step on the path of faith that will lead us to the doorway of our breakthrough. Many times God will camouflage the significance of the doorway of obedience with simplicity and hiddenness. Some have turned away from that doorway because it lacked the decoration of significance.

Take a moment today and review your life. Before you look for another prophetic word promising breakthrough, ask the Lord to show you the acts of obedience that were either forgotten or abandoned along the way. They are the doorway to your future. They will become your place of breakthrough.


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