The Pain of Undisciplined Words

by | Jun 7, 2017 | Mercy, Prophecy, Truth, Wisdom | 0 comments

There is something called anesthesia awareness or accidental awareness. This occurs when a patient is not brought to a state of complete unconsciousness in preparation for surgery. They look like they are under sedation but they are still fully awake. The anesthesia has paralyzed them to such a degree they cannot alert the doctors that the anesthesia is not working. They can hear everything going on around them and feel the pain of each incision of the surgeon. It is a horrific experience. The effect on a person from this gruesome experience is similar to someone suffering severe PTSD. There is a parallel experience in a spiritual context.

Some of the people you will try to help have gone through such deep trauma they will resemble a person on an operating table not fully under anesthesia. You can too quickly assume they are ready to receive the word of counsel you have to deliver but they are unprepared. Many gruesome tales of a word given without wisdom and the timing of the Lord can be told.

When God gives you a word to speak it is important for you to make sure God has prepared the person to hear what you have to say. Some well-meaning people have allowed their need to correct another person cause them to step out of the bounds of wisdom and prematurely incise the recipient with a corrective word. This premature and unwise course of action creates yet another layer of pain and suffering.

Be careful. Inquire of the Lord before you speak to someone who is experiencing personal trauma. God has a plan to deliver your word in a due season without the unnecessary pain and suffering that a rushed delivery can produce.


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