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I woke up this morning having a sense we are about to witness regime change in government. Some of these changes will have been anticipated and obvious. Others will be a surprise.

The word “regime” was specifically highlighted to me. A regime is the ruling government of a country. A regime determines the level of freedom its citizens can experience. Control is the favorite tool of an unrighteous regime. The word regime is from the Latin meaning “to rule.” The rulers of a regime are not always the most visible puppet personalities we see each day.  Those in control are often hidden special interest groups who prefer to live out of the spotlight controlling the puppet personality they employ to accomplish their goals. 

When the Lord revealed to Daniel the secret of Nebuchadnezzar’s dream, he began to bless the Lord. In his blessing, he said of God, “He changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others. He gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to the discerning” (2:21).

These verses reveal how a regime is changed by the hand of God. There is a progression in the process. Before regime change takes place, another change must occur. God changes both chronological time and the season of history in which we live. The change of time occurs so that a Kairos moment of God’s intervention can take place that will define a new season. Once time and its seasonal context have been adjusted by the Lord, He will remove opposing forms of leadership and appoint new leaders to lead in the new season. 

When a transition of leadership begins, God will give unique wisdom to those who are considered wise by God’s definition of wisdom. God’s wisdom gives us the ability to see what is taking place before others realize what is happening. God’s definition of who He considers wise is not always agreed upon by those in positions of religious or political influence. Many times, these wise ones don’t look or sound the part. Wisdom gives them the sight required to discern the season and the understanding of how to apply in practical ways the wisdom of God that will align an incoming regime with the will of God. 

Regime change is taking place. It will usher in what could not be imagined by many and was considered an impossibility by others. All of this will take place because the Lord has changed the time and the season in which we live. 


  1. John J Anderson II

    Daniel served with excellence and with loyalty to his God and God’s law, and found a way to govern through 4 regimes. May we do the same.

  2. Anna McIver

    I awakened Sunday morning hearing.. “It is HIS time”

  3. John Curtis

    When the righteous are I. Authority, the people rejoice; but when a wicked man ruled, the people groan.
    Prob. 29:2
    A regime change is in order.

  4. Arlene Sarver

    Great encouragement to God’s prayer warriors. Amen, and make it so Lord, we are watching and rejoicing in all You are doing.

    • Anna McIver


  5. Cheryl Thomas

    Praise God! Believing for change!


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