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Many of us are walking through emotional, spiritual, and cultural minefields. Embedded in our path are things that can produce paralyzing fear. For example, a significant relationship could end because someone chose to walk in truth, a disease with a dark outcome might pay a visit, social collapse could occur dramatically changing life as we know it, or a natural disaster could take place. The path of life is littered with such things.

There is a way to move through these minefields, not as a guarantee of an explosion-free stroll but to survive a catastrophic impact and come out the other side with our souls still intact.

This week, a good friend called. During our phone call, we talked about a major life transition he is about to go through. I listened to his authentic reasoning and felt he was moving in the right direction. He still had relational and employment land mines hidden beneath his feet that have been positioned between his choice and the outcome of his decision. I gave him the same advice I give anyone making a significant life decision. I said, “Put all your options before you and look for the one that has peace. Step in that direction.”

Walking with peace through a minefield littered with the consequence of our obedience does not mean there will not be missteps and resulting explosions. We cannot guarantee our existing relationships will not radically change, that disease is not possible, that our government will remain intact and stable, or that some natural disaster will not take place. Walking with peace through a personal minefield is determined by where our confidence and trust have been placed.

That kind of peace is only found when we surrender to the Lordship of Jesus Christ.  It exists nowhere else. Our attempt to control the outcomes of the minefields of life will destroy our lives as effectively as the mines themselves when Lordship is not in place and functional. Begin today learning how to cultivate the peace that only comes when you have fully surrendered your life to Jesus, no matter what is in place under your next step. He will never fail you when you need Him the most.  His peace is the only thing that can get us through the minefields of life intact spiritually and emotionally and offer us an opportunity to live another day for the glory of God.


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