Relational Dance Floors

by | Aug 23, 2014 | Apostle, Church, Discipleship, Family, Freedom | 0 comments

You have been asked to enter a relationship with a new circle of friends.  This has been like an awkward dance.  You are stepping on each other’s toes.  The harder you try to perform this relational dance the more you find you are out of step with each other.

Stop trying to dance in a forced unison.  This is robbing you of creativity.  Break away, not from the relationship, but from how you think this season should be danced.  Stay on the relational dance floor, but do the dance God has created you to uniquely perform.  Your freedom of expression will begin to set others free.

Remember, you are all dancing to the same music, but the expression of the music will be performed differently because each of you is a beautifully unique creation of God.  Invite all the participants to relax, enjoy the music and freely express their life as God would lead. This is how the unity of our faith is supposed to look.


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