The Crux Of The Matter

by | Aug 23, 2014 | Humility, Repentance, Trust | 0 comments

In the life of every person there is a lifelong search for the bottom line or what we would call, “the crux of the matter”. This familiar phrase, “the crux of the matter”, is a word that comes from the Latin language meaning “a cross”.  The cross being a place of torture, pain and sacrifice.

When Jesus died on the cross He reset the default for all human history. He reset the bottom line for everything.  Because of His death, the resurrection and His eventual enthronement were made possible.  Jesus went to the cross under His own power and will. Once Jesus was in the tomb and helpless everything that followed would be accomplished by God’s power and will.

The crux of the matter for each of our lives is that personal Ground Zero – that memorable moment – where we made the life-altering choice to die to our personal agenda and demands so that God could release resurrection life in us. This is called Lordship. This choice is the crux of the matter for every broken marriage, every broken friendship and every broken circumstance a believer will ever face.

Today, find that place where only a supernatural resurrection will bring life and freedom.  Be that one person in the midst of all the turmoil who is willing to die to a personal agenda or a demanded outcome.  If you make this choice you will see resurrection life begin to flow into dead situations because you invited the crux of the matter to have His way in your life.


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