Releasing the Song of the Spirit

by | Jul 5, 2015 | Worship | 0 comments

This morning, as I listened to a powerful moment of worship on my Pandora account, the worship leader shifted to a spontaneous song and then led the people deeper into an unscripted song of the Spirit. This song was in heavenly tongues that sounded like many waters coming together creating a beautiful harmony.

As I continued to listen, I felt the Lord say our worship is about to enter a time of expression where these unscripted songs of the Spirit will be released once again in our public worship gatherings joining us with heaven and lyrics too powerful to find their expression in human vocabulary.

As this shift in worship takes place it will be bring an announcement of the new thing God is about to do in the earth.  These songs will open doors the key of human logic cannot open.  These new songs will also carry with them the promise of interpretation in the form of signs, wonders and miracles. Step out of from the predictable tracks of fear and what others might think and begin to sing as the Spirit leads and a new season will unfold in the house of God and in the streets of your city.


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