Your Next Step

by | Jul 5, 2015 | Faith, Miracles, Trust | 0 comments

Your way forward resembles a stormy path filled with wind, rain and uncertainty.  The promise you are holding is like a single candle flickering in a protected place. 

You have hesitated to leave the comfort of this protected enclosure because you think the candle of promise will be extinguished in the storm.  God ignited this promise and He is the one responsible to keep it alive and burning, not you.  He knows the way forward is stormy. He also knows you are hesitating waiting for things to calm down. This is the time to step out.  The time of waiting is over.

The way forward will require a childlike faith.  This innocent faith does not worry about the consequence of its obedience.  The natural conditions will never be right for the steps of faith you are being asked to take.  This candle of promise you hold is far more powerful than the storm you are about to enter.  Focus on the One who lit the candle, not what you are about to walk into.  Step out and you will see the miracle the promise has been announcing. 


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