Removing the Mask of the Past

by | Oct 4, 2017 | Future, Gifts, Pentecost, Revelation, Transition | 0 comments

Some people attempt to walk into the future while still wearing the past. In doing so, they carry forward things that are no longer needed in the new season. In the process of transition, they were unable to let go of the past and missed the new assignment God had for their life.

Several weeks ago, the Pacific Northwest was shrouded in a thick layer of smoke caused by wildfires. It actually became hazardous to be outside breathing the smoky air. Facemasks were in high demand and eventually sold out. The streets were deserted. It looked like a movie set from one of those sci-fi movies where a dangerous germ was in the air and researchers from the CDC were walking the streets looking for survivors. It was surreal.

About a week after the smoke cleared, I saw a man who was still walking around wearing a mask. The air was now clear and the sky was blue. Somehow he didn’t get the memo that he no longer needed to wear a mask. He looked odd and out of place.

Ask God what you have carried forward from the last season of your life that is no longer needed in this new season. A prophetic word, a mindset, a style of ministry and many other things may have served you well in the past, but at some point, you need to remove them and step forward to engage the new thing God is bringing your way. If you choose to still wear the things from your past you will look as out of place and out of step with reality as the man I saw still wearing a protective mask when everyone around him was enjoying a breath of clean and refreshing air. 

This is a new day. The smoke of your past has cleared. A fresh breath of God’s Spirit now surrounds you. Take off your mask, inhale deeply and move forward into a new season. 


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