Removing the Power of Offense

by | May 7, 2014 | Forgiveness, Future, Hope, Humility, Restoration | 0 comments

This offense that has so visibly dishonored you
will continue to be powerful if you allow it to remain and have a place of
influence in your life. There is something you can do. You can remove the power
of this offense by blessing the person who hurt you. If you bless your offender
you will destroy the power of this offense. Allowing offense to live unchallenged
by your blessing will insure its continued existence.

This remedy sounds impossible, but it works
because it is a spiritual principle.  It
works because blessing an enemy empowers the opposite spirit from the offense –
the spirit of reconciliation – to begin its supernatural work.

These offending words have been designed to
inflict maximum damage in your life. Returning a blessing for a curse will
cause this attack to miss its mark. 
Standing your ground and fighting this battle in a stubborn head-to-head
resistance will only result in you being knocked out of the game prematurely.
Trust the power of the blessing. It is the only way to disempower this offense
and hopefully turn your enemy into a friend.


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