A Reset is Taking Place

by | Jan 22, 2020 | Apostle, Change, Church | 0 comments

The word “reset” has been mentioned recently by several prophetic voices. I agree. We have entered a moment in history where individuals, ministries, and each sphere of cultural influence will have an opportunity to experience a Spirit-empowered reset.

In 2016, I began to process the meaning of a reset with the Lord. It has a broader application than I first imagined. Early last fall, I wrote an article on this blog titled, “This is a Time of Reset.”  In the article, I shared a spiritual equation that begins with a reset and ends up with the release of new revelation. Just today, I finished the final draft of my latest book (to be announced in the early spring). In the book, I go into greater detail about the reset many of us are experiencing.

In the original blog article, and in my book, I define a reset, “A reset moves us back to the original intent or meaning of something. This is not going back in history. It is actually resetting us to be able to move forward and create a new history. Some have drifted away from the original intent of God living in a static representation of Kingdom life. God is resetting our priorities to His original blueprint to get us moving forward, directed by His original intent.

The original intent of God in all areas of life and faith will be revisited in this reset by those who are willing. In some cases, our preferred way of seeing the Church and its accompanying sacred cows will be dismantled as we return to what it means to be the Church, the Ekklesia of God. Hold on! This reset will shake some things loose that we hold dear, but under closer examination, they have become the very things that will prohibit us from moving at the speed of faith in this new era.


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