For the last year or two, I have been waking up and noticing numbers on my illuminated nightstand clock that read like rifle and handgun calibers – 2:23, 2:43, 2:57, 3:00, 3:27, 3:38 and 3:57. At first, I thought I was noticing the caliber numbers simply because of my background. I wondered if the numbers were something I should write about, but I had no unction from the Lord to do so at the time, so I just chalked it up to a fun way to wake up.

This morning, I decided to check a dictionary meaning for the word “caliber.” The dictionary meaning reads “degree of mental capacity or moral quality” and “the internal diameter or bore of a gun barrel.” When I read the definition, a word finally came that prompted me to write something. 

Earlier this week, I wrote a blog article about an increased capacity to do spiritual warfare and used a gun metaphor. The metaphor was drawn from an experience I had as a cop. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write about another firearm metaphor because we have some sensitive souls out there who view guns as evil and those who enjoy shooting sports as a bit off-kilter. But I knew I had a word, so here it comes.

God is increasing your spiritual capacity to receive words of revelation that will be specifically crafted for release in the new season we have just entered. The bore of your spiritual capacity is being expanded to carry a magnum-sized cartridge of spiritual insight that will be used to fire deep into the heart of the deception that is running rampant through the streets of our nation. The discharge of these words will bring life, not death. 

The increase of your influence is not something you can prepare for apart from keeping your heart and mind pure and focused on God, not on those things that are an enemy to righteousness. When the time comes for you to fire on the lies and deception, you will be amazed at the sound and impact the word will bring when the Lord discharges His truth through your life.


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