Responding with Honor to a Dishonoring Comment

by | Feb 13, 2018 | Courage, Freedom, Holiness, Humility, Mercy, Pride, Relationships, Spiritual Warfare | 1 comment

If a dishonoring ricochet is coming at you fired from a comment made in a private conversation where you were not present to defend yourself, God wants to reveal His heart to you despite what has taken place. In love, the Lord has allowed the comment to become public because He can trust you and your response.

In the Spirit, God will slow down this incoming shot of death giving you time to get your bearings and turn aside just in time and not take a direct hit. This will not be like it has been in similar situations in the past. Since the last time something like this took place, God has strengthened and matured your ability to wisely respond to such a negative and painful comment.

Follow the leading of the Lord. Let His heart be your response. If you only offer the targets of grace, humility, and forgiveness this round from hell will fall to the ground powerless and not find its intended target. God will use this situation to create a public testimony that will bring healing to those who dishonored you in private. It will also reveal to you the work God has accomplished in your life. This experience will show you a new way to live your life when facing opposition. This is what freedom looks like. Walk in it trusting that God can turn what was intended to harm into a moment of healing for everyone involved.

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  1. Lori

    I have returned to this post several times. Such truth. In particular, "If we only offer the targets of grace, humility and forgiveness this round from hell will fall to the ground powerless."
    The darts and arrows that fly daily and seem non-stop, really are rendered powerless when we cloak ourselves in those things…grace, humility and forgiveness. Oftentimes it is difficult but the reward is liberating. Thank you for sharing this.


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