You have entered an unfamiliar place. In this season of change, it feels like you are out of range of normal communication, even with God, but you know that is not true. You just need to learn how to hear Him in a new way in this strange and unfamiliar place. He will be faithful to direct you with the internal signals of His Spirit when it seems no normal external lines of communication and feedback are present.

When I worked as a patrol deputy for the Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Department in San Jose, California back in the 1970’s, we had one patrol beat we called, South County. It was south and east of Gilroy, California in the mountains of Pacheco Pass. This mountainous area was the dividing line between the Silicon Valley and the San Joaquin Valley. There was a point while on patrol when we had to let dispatch know we would be out of radio contact. In those years, radio technology did not offer the level of coverage we have today. It was an eery feeling to realize you were entering a place of radio silence.

It was spooky working South County because any backup was rarely available and if you needed help, it could take 30 minutes for another cop to arrive. Every call and car stop carried a unique danger that is only experienced when you are out of radio contact.

There will be seasons in your life when you will be out of contact with your familiar lines of communication. Friends leave. You change churches. A new job plants you in a new environment. Or, you see a significant life transition approaching, and you realize your new season in life will change everything. These changes can deposit our lives in a place of silence.

In these situations, you can feel really vulnerable and disconnected from the familiarity of what has been your routine in life. It will be vital for you to stop and affirm in your heart and mind that you are never without communication with God. He is always present and communicating even when you feel the most isolated. You need to train your spiritual ears to do what Elijah did in the time of his isolation when everything familiar was stripped from him. He learned to listen to the still small voice of God. That was his way forward, and it will be your way forward.


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