Restoring Derailed Lives

by | Apr 4, 2017 | Change, Dreams, Freedom, Healing, Humility, Mercy, Obedience, Peace, Promise, Provision, Restoration | 0 comments

It was a simple word. The Lord said, “I am restoring derailed lives.”

A derailed life is like a derailed train. A train can run off the tracks and crash if something is wrong with the tracks. In order to continue the journey, the tracks will need to be cleared and repaired before the train can start rolling again.

There are two causes of a derailment. An obstruction was placed on the tracks or a weak section of track was crossed. At some point in your journey, you saw an obstacle ahead and tried to plow through it in your own strength and wisdom or you were unaware of a hidden weakness in a section of the track you originally laid down. Either way, the result was a derailment.

Your destination is still intact and awaiting your arrival. Yes, in human measurements of time you will appear to arrive late. In God’s timing it will be a perfect arrival because He is master over all things, including your adjusted arrival time.

Get some help restoring the tracks of your life-vision. It’s not a one-person job. Take the time needed to make sure all the obstacles are cleared away and the weak sections of your original track are refitted to carry the weight of your calling and blessing. Once you get moving again,  sit back and enjoy the rest of your journey. You have done all you can. The rest is up to God.


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