Waking from a Dream

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Last night, I had a very vivid dream. In the dream, I experienced bright colors and actual conversations just like I was awake. I drove down a new road that has just been excavated leading to a hidden camp secreted in the heart of a city. An armed guard sat on my front bumper as I drove down the road. Guarding the entrance to the camp was a group of non-military security contractors. Each one was heavily armed. They had sealed off the camp from the city. I began to talk with the contractors and promised to bring them back some comfort food to supplement their military-like rations.

When I awakened, I had the sense this was a real-time word for certain cities in the United States.  I began to sort out the meaning and definition of the dream.

The contractors were actually our prayers that had set up a perimeter around a pending plan of evil. They were given a restraining assignment in spiritual warfare. The execution of a dark plan to invade the city and bring violence and destruction was imminent.  The restricting presence of these contractor-prayers was put in place because some in the Church had not abandoned the power of believing prayer.

I sense that in the coming day’s plots of evil will be discovered. These discoveries will take place because our prayers will have given local and federal authorities the time needed to find these encampments.

People will ask, “Why did these people not carry out their evil plans?” They will ask this question not knowing that vigilant prayer placed an invisible hedge of protection around our neighborhoods and that hedge of prayer stopped the events of darkness before they could manifest.

Today, I am going to drive through the area of my city where this dream took place. As I drive, I am going to ask the Spirit to open my eyes to see with new insight what the Spirit was showing me in my dream. I am going to ask God to help me see past my preconceived ideas and my narrow understanding of reality to see with Spirit-empowered sight. This is not a time to slumber in our faith or yield to a spirit of fear. This is a time between times where the greatest dangers exist because we have stopped paying attention. Live an awakened life of prayer and you will see what the Spirit is trying to reveal and with that revelation the arm of the Lord will reach out to stay a work of darkness.


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