Restoring Sight

by | Sep 4, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

I want to be able to see. I want to see people and life differently. I want to see what Heaven is revealing, not what has been prepared for me as a false vision with a less than honorable motive. I want to see what my brokenness has blinded me from seeing.

Throughout my life, I have tried to see the world and its inhabitants the way Lord sees them. The blindness that has kept me from this desired clarity has been painfully exposed in my most intimate of earthly relationships, my marriage. Over the last 47 years, I have gone into spiritual surgery on numerous occasions to remove the cataracts of my pride and impatience, and a whole host of other blinding agents. In each instance, once the scalpel of the Lord made its final cut, I entered a process of healing as Heaven’s vision for my life came into focus, in some cases, for the first time.


As my healing progressed, images of God’s love not previously seen emerged and entered my field of vision. It is amazing what we can see when the blinding presence of self is cut away. 


Just yesterday, on a walk with Jan, another surgery began. Today, as I experience the healing process of yesterday’s surgery, I am looking forward to seeing with new clarity the beauty of what God is about to reveal. 

Perhaps a new vision, not another demand to see our expectations fulfilled, is what we all need to receive in order to migrate through this challenging season as an intact human being.  When this current despair and discontent has run its course, I don’t want to continue walking blindly forward as I did before and miss seeing the heart of God.



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