We May Have Missed Something

by | Sep 5, 2020 | Prophetic | 0 comments

We have spent decades telling and re-telling followers of Christ who they are as believers and how to live a blessed life. Those are all necessary and good, but there is something we may have missed. 

Today, many in the Church know nothing of spiritual warfare, the exercise of spiritual gifts, and the reality of the demonic forces influencing the affairs of culture. It is no surprise we are seeing so much disorder and dysfunction manifesting in our nation. It is increasing throughout our land unchallenged by the only force able to stop its advance – the power of God’s Spirit. 

Without this sounding like a blame fest, please interpret what I am writing as an invitation. God wants us to equip each believer to be able to contend with darkness by the supernatural empowerment of the Spirit that is available to all who believe but sadly can remain untaught and, therefore, unrealized. 


In some cases, for years people have listened to an abundance of sermons centered around self-improvement and self-awareness without ever being taught how to contend righteously with the works of hell. We are called to be interrupters of evil, not spectators hoping things will change.

The Church carries the destiny of each nation on Earth, and those destinies will be challenged at every turn by spiritual forces sent to abort the purposes of God. To see those destinies become a living reality will require a global army of people able to fight in the invisible spiritual trenches that are only visible and accessible by the power of the Spirit. The warfare strategy of these warriors will be the redemption of individuals and nations held in the grip of dark agendas. 

There is nothing nice about this kind of warfare. No one is riding on pink unicorns and releasing spiritual potpourri into the atmosphere, hoping things will change without engagement. The time is critical, and the battle is intense. Arm yourself appropriately with the weapons of spiritual warfare and take your place on the battle line.


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