Resurrecting the Petals of Promise

by | Nov 26, 2016 | Future, Hope, Promise | 0 comments

As I was praying
for someone, I saw the image of a flower that was in the process of losing its
petals. One petal after another began to lose their grip and fall to the
ground.  The fallen petals lay in a pile
around the base of a single stem.

All of a sudden the
fallen petals began to rise unexpectedly and reattach themselves to the barren
stem. What had wilted and fallen away was now rising and reconnecting. A
supernatural reversal was taking place.

When the image was
finished the Lord said, “I am resurrecting what has died and fallen away from a
place of promise. Your pile of fallen petals has been wrongly defined as something
dead and impossible to bring back to life. I can resurrect anything if it is given
to Me in faith, including the parts of your promise that have fallen to
the ground without any hope of resurrection and reconnection. Believe in Me and
the petals will rise again and reconnect to your place of promise – a promise you had given up on and thinking it was lost forever.”


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