This morning, I
read a short prophetic word written by a respected woman who carries a
prophetic mantle. She spoke about a coming reformation among women. When I read
her words I felt the Lord impress upon me how this reformation might take place.

Over the years, I
have taught that when God begins a new work in a region He will use supernatural
manifestations of the Spirit to open up unbelieving hearts to the message of the
Gospel.  This was the model employed in the
Book of Acts and it is the same model used today where revival and cultural
transformation is taking place. On the Day of Pentecost Peter said that God
endorsed the ministry of Jesus through signs, wonders and miracles.  When Jesus sent word back to John the Baptist
saying He was the Christ He calmed John’s heart by sharing evidence of the
miraculous as proof that He was the Coming One John had prophesied. 

Our cities and some
of our churches resemble a hearing impaired person.  We teach year after year without a
demonstration of what we preach. History and the biblical record reveal to us
that we cannot teach a city into transformation.  At some point our teaching must translate
into the demonstration of what we teach. Some have settled for a ministry of
good works without a demonstration of power. God has placed the church in
culture not to replicate another form of community service, but along with needed
good works to demonstrate the power of God. This demonstration is not complete
without the full participation of women.

I believe we are in
a moment in history when God is asking women to humbly and intentionally step over the
barriers that have been placed in their path and walk forward into a supernatural
demonstration of God’s power. This is not a time for women to wait for
permission from stalled religious institutions. You are to no longer allow
yourself to be chained to male-dominated leadership structures or to other women
who live under this bondage.  You will need
to see some areas of the Church as an unreached people group – not unreached
regarding salvation, but unreached about the potential of a Spirit-empowered
woman. This insight will give you great compassion for those with whom you
minister that still remained locked into a diminished view of women.

As the Lord
continued speaking to me, I felt Him say that He is raising a band of women who
will walk in signs, wonders and miracles. 
As this begins, guard your heart. 
You have nothing to prove.  Avoid
the voices that want you to be enslaved by the mentality of having to prove
yourself. God has already released you and He is poised and waiting to empower
your first step of faith and obedience. As you begin to step out and cooperate
with the heart of God entire churches, church movements and cities will no
longer be able to deny what you carry. The miracles performed by God through you
will be too obvious to dismiss and as a result, your anointing will no longer
be able to be dismissed.  


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