Riding a Wave of Revival

by | Jul 7, 2016 | Church, Eternity, Gifts, Miracles, Power, Prohecy, Revival | 0 comments

As a kid living in Central California, I learned to surf at Cowell’s Beach in Santa Cruz. The old timers taught me that waves arrive in sets. These sets contain several waves and many times the last wave was the largest. You had to wait for the next set to arrive if you were going to catch a wave. Surfing required an active patience.  

This metaphor of surfing accurately describes what is taking place in the spiritual realm. Nations seem to be going insane. Politics have become a sideshow. Violence is filling our streets. In the middle of all these issues, God is about to wash over the pain and confusion with a wave of His presence.  

In the Kingdom we are not limited to a single wave of revival. God released an on-going set of waves on the Day of Pentecost that are destined to continually arrive on the shores of each culture until the fullness of time. Interpret this confusing and despair-ridden moment of time between waves of revival with wisdom and discernment. Make the choice to not paddle your faith to shore in disbelief and resignation. Wait, trust and continue to look seaward. Waves of revival are approaching. Those waiting in the lineup will ride these waves onto the shores of the nations of the Earth under the power of God’s Spirit. The time of waiting is coming to an end.


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