So many painful things are taking place in our culture. Death and sorrow fill our computer screens. Disappointment and dismay abound. Some have become overwhelmed and simply given up. In all of this, God is not unaware. His is seated above all that is taking place and sees the struggle of His creation. His perspective is eternal, not isolated. The Church carries this eternal God in their hearts. His enthroned position challenges our misunderstandings and reeducates us when we lose a Kingdom perspective. This is why the Spirit is groaning within us at the injustice and sorrow being played out before our eyes. Our groaning is expressing the very heart of God.  

Thecultures of the world are spinning around on a confusing carousel without the hope of resolution. Only a work of God can stop this dizzying rotation. Unusual and unexpected resolutions to these challenging situations are about to break out. These resolutions will be the result of a partnership between God’s supernatural intervention and acts of obedience released through His people who actively engage the broken realities of their culture. This partnership will bring the greatest change because it fulfills the Immanuel principle of God with us – not God separate from us.  

God does not want us to wait for a mysterious signal from Heaven to act in love or require the powers of this world to yield their authority to the will of God. We can confidently represent God in any realm of culture because we carry the very heart of God. Human emotion is always part of what it means to be a human created in the image of God. God has emotions. Use your emotions wisely filtering their release through the Spirit and you will see God turning sorrow into rejoicing and despair into hope.  

“For the Lord has heard the voice of my weeping.” Psalm 6:8


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