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When we feel like we are running out of time and energy and we no longer have any remaining resources to help us finish what we hoped to accomplish, we become like a weakened runner who collapses on the track just short of the finish line. When we fall short, we enter supernatural territory where God must show up and carry us to a place of resolution not thought possible when we ran out of time and energy.

In those places of personal failure, fear and hopelessness will pay a visit and tell us the race is over. It is in that place of hopelessness that the greatest potential for a miracle exists.

When we fall short of a finish line completely depleted of any remaining hope, a single remaining option is available. It is called The Exchange. In those moments we need to make an exchange if the race is to be finished. We are invited to give our fear, desperation, and exhaustion to God.  That exchange takes place in the simplest of prayers uttered in exhaustion that will place the outcome of the race in the hands of God. As an answer to our prayer, He will come and stand us up to a level of faith and trust we thought impossible when we lay exhausted and defeated on the racetrack of life.

As we cross the finish line under the supporting power of God, we will realize the race was never about racing against anyone else we viewed as a competitor or some need o set a personal record. It was a race where we learned to trust God when we had nothing left to offer. Having faith in God and placing our trust in His faithfulness was always the ultimate prize.


  1. Lesley Ann Richardson

    Praise God for this wonderful encouragement. Thank you Garris

  2. Jonathan Khan

    Amen! Exhaustion and disappointment is the spring board God many times utilizes. The Master Builder aligns our faith, and brings into perspective His faithfulness.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.


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