For some of you, this has been a silent season. The silence does not mean God has not been at work on your behalf. Some of the most profound works of God are done in seasons of silence. This experience can leave you feeling disconnected. If you can remain patient and trusting, you will soon discover the purpose of God hidden in the silence.

After several years of drought in the Pacific Northwest, we have been hoping and praying for a deep snowpack. A deep snowpack helps fill our rivers and lakes and moistens our dry and brittle forests. Without a significant snowpack, the lives and lifestyles of many people and our natural resources are put in jeopardy.

This week, I was lying in bed just before rising listening to the rain. A few days earlier I was again awake in bed when it was snowing outside. I heard nothing when it was snowing. I finally got up that morning to see a blanket of fresh snow on the ground. The rain would eventually run off, but the snow would add to our snowpack. The very thing we needed was provided in the silent darkness of night while I slept. I could only imagine how deep the snow levels were higher up in the mountains. 

If this has been a time in your life when it seems as if Heaven has been silent, the silence does not mean God is not listening and working on your behalf. God is always at work. This is when you need to trust His heart and His love for you. The silence has been given to you as an opportunity to check the condition of your heart and identify the fear that wants to keep you unsettled in times of silence. You are being prepared for provision.

God wants to create a spiritual snowpack while you rest. He is laying down layer upon layer of blessing and breakthrough you will need in the coming hot seasons of life. Trust Him in the silence. Soon, you will rise to a new day and see a fresh blanket of His goodness surrounding your life. You can trust God. He does some of His best work in silence.


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