Threats and More Threats

by | Mar 1, 2018 | Prophecy, Spiritual Warfare | 0 comments

This morning, I read a news article citing Russian President Vladimir Putin who declared Russia had developed an array of strategic nuclear missiles that could not be intercepted by any existing defense system. This new generation of missiles includes a nuclear cruise missile, an underwater nuclear-powered drone, and a hypersonic missile. Putin went on to say these missiles have no equivalent anywhere else in the world. No one knows yet if this is true or a bluff. Whatever the reason, this kind of an announcement is intended to create fear and ultimate submission to its threat.                          

As the world ramps up its game of threat and counter-threat never forget that as a follower of Jesus Christ you carry a supernatural weapons defense system called prayer. There will never be an earthly system that can override its heavenly technology. Prayer is able to intercept and destroy any work of darkness no matter how daunting it may appear. While the world trembles in fear we are called to release missiles of hope targeting the fear resident in the human heart and within the institutions of culture. As Paul said, we have at our disposal weapons not available in the arsenal of human combat. Our weaponry can pull down the greatest of threats before they reach their intended target.


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