Spiritual Gunfights

by | Aug 12, 2017 | Faith, Gifts, Jesus, Prayer, Prophecy, Spiritual Warfare, Truth | 0 comments

Recently, I read an obscure but interesting piece of data. A report in 2011 from the General Accounting Office (GAO) reveals that for every insurgent killed in the wars in Iraq and Afganistan 250,000 rounds are fired. This included both training and actual combat. That rate of fire resulted in 1.8 billion rounds of small arms ammunition being used every year. That is a lot of bullets flying through the air.

As I read those surprising statistics, I thought of spiritual warfare and the effectiveness of our prayers, blessings and prophetic declarations. Every time we utter a prayer, release a blessing or make a declaration a casualty takes place in the kingdom of darkness.  Over time this accumulated rate of spiritual fire weakens the enemy’s position to such a degree that a breakthrough takes place.

Each time you declare God’s heart over an impossible situation, bless an enemy or pray into the life of a person or place in the culture where people are held in bondage a hit takes place – a hit of love. Every spiritual round of love we fire in the name of Jesus has an intended target even though we may not fully have the situation lined up in our sights.Our prayers, blessings, and declarations are striking targets we only see in part as we exercise our faith. 

When you fire from an obscure and unnoticed position never forget that you are part of a much larger conflict.We don’t fight these battles alone. We engage the enemy as a global army. We are deadly accurate and lethal to the works of darkness because God is directing our spiritual rounds toward specific targets in a battle much that is larger than we could ever imagine. Your shots are having a devastating impact on the works of darkness. Your rate of fire matters. Keep it up. 


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