When God Blinds Us

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There are times when God will blind us to what is taking place around us in order to speak to us. He does this so we will rely on another reality – the unseen and unexplored world of faith.

We live in a time and place where many of our decisions are based on available physical and relational evidence. We study what we perceive to be our reality and respond accordingly. This creates a form of decision-making that does not require faith. In the end, we develop human-sourced strategies that produce outcomes that do not involve a miraculous intervention because human intellect and logic have taken a predominant position in our lives.

The Lord told Moses, “I will come to you in a thick cloud, Moses, so the people themselves can hear me when I speak with you. Then they will always trust you” (Exodus 19:9). The word, “thick”, caught my attention. This is a thickness as in “I can’t see my hand in front of my face” kind of thickness.  In the Hebrew language, the word is also translated as “dense”.  It is used to describe the thickness of a warrior’s shield. It is an impenetrable kind of thickness.

The thick cloud completely blinded Moses to his surroundings. He could not see through the cloud to determine his next step. God did this with a purpose in mind. God wanted Moses alone with Him so Moses would hear only his voice. The Lord did the same thing on the road to Damascus when He blinded Paul for three days. He does the same thing in our lives from time to time when we can’t seem to find our way forward.

You and I do not need physical evidence to find our way forward. We only need to hear the voice of God. If you can no longer clearly “see” the circumstances of your life with clarity or you cannot find any trustworthy data on which to base your decision, you still have the voice of God. His instruction to you will not be sourced from the limitations of the natural world. It will be instruction and direction birthed from the realm of eternity and imported to Earth to be received by faith.

When God spoke to Moses from within the cloud, He had a captive audience. From that place of vulnerability, Moses received instruction for a nation when a nation could not comprehend a solution. As Moses interacted with God in that thick cloud the people heard a man speaking to God who was solely dependent on God for his direction. As a result, the people were able to trust Moses. What you do in your personal cloud of revelation will not only provide you and those you love with a way forward, it will also create a level of trust not available in any other circumstance. The thick cloud in which you find yourself is a really good place. Trust the Voice.


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