There is a powerful proverbial statement that historians believe was first spoken by Erasmus, “In the land of the blind, a one-eyed man is king.”  The phrase reveals the impact that revelation can have no matter how small that revelation might be. 

You do not need to have a panoramic prophetic insight to have a significant impact on an individual life or in the affairs of the world. You just need to be faithful to deliver what you see or hear and discipline yourself to go no farther. 

There are times when a revival or a reformation might begin with the delivery of a very simple word that contains minimal content. You and I are not responsible for encyclopedic prophetic insight. Deliver faithfully what you have been given and let people learn how to struggle well with God’s Spirit for its personal application. 

When you have faithfully released what God has asked you to deliver, it is time to rest and return to a place of listening. Let the critics slice and dice your prophetic word all they want. Any word worth its Kingdom salt will draw some form of opposition. 

Even though you only saw in part, like the one-eyed person in the proverb, at least you saw something. Revelation in a time of cultural blindness, no matter how small or limited in its scope, will always reveal the way forward in the darkness.


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