The First Sign of Your Breakthrough

by | Jun 8, 2018 | Dreams, Freedom, Future, Gifts, Holy Spirit, Miracles, Power, Restoration, Transition, Truth, Wisdom, Worship | 0 comments

Remnants of your breakthrough will begin to appear before the actual breakthrough is experienced. Something is taking place out of sight and above your circumstance. God is trying to get your attention. He is sending the remnants of your breakthrough as the first evidence of something that has already transpired in the realm of the Spirit.

I almost missed it – the fragment of a robin’s egg. It fell from high above me from somewhere within the branches of one of the trees on our property. It was only half a shell. A newborn robin had just broken through the thin blue shell that fell at my feet. As I held the fragile half shell in the palm of my hand, I looked up into the branches of the tree and knew that somewhere above me and out of my line of sight was a nest where new life had just emerged. 

True breakthrough does not happen first in the physical realm. It is birthed in the Father’s heart in the realm of the Spirit and then it arrives in this world as either an unexpected gift from God or in response to an act of faith. It is like the time in Scripture when four men broke through the roof of a house to lower their friend down to Jesus. The debris from that event began to fall as an announcement that something wonderful was about to happen. When all the debris finally settled, a man was healed. 

The debris of your breakthrough will be the first sign that something good is about to appear. Pick up those remnants with expectation. Look up! Something good is about to arrive.


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