Spiritual Transformers

by | Apr 13, 2017 | Change, Courage, Creativity, Discipleship, Freedom | 1 comment

Here are some painful realities about life that each of us must come to realize if we are to grow spiritually. 

Finding the perfect spouse will not bring you peace or happiness. Having children will not heal a broken marriage. Electing your favorite politician will not change a nation. Getting the perfect job will not provide security. Only God can provide these things. There are other misconceptions – too many to list –  that have been used to send us down the rabbit hole of disillusionment. 

There is one way to find emotional and spiritual health in this life and that only comes when we begin to understand what it means to be a new creation.  A new creation must think like a new creation. Once your thinking has been adjusted to the new reality of a new creation then and only then can you take that new way of thinking back to the false idols in your life to confront and displace their place of dominance in your thinking and your way of living life.

Changing the way we think is one of the greatest miracles a human being will ever experience. In the process of transformation is where we discover God’s will for our lives. All the rest – the search for a perfect spouse, having kids, the false hope of politics, the illusion of a perfect job and all the rest of life’s pursuits will finally find a healthy place somewhere down the list on life’s totem pole of priorities. Once these things are repositioned beneath the transforming work of God, they can be enjoyed for their intended purpose while being kept in a safe place only a renewed mind will discover.

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  1. Rhawnie Sue

    Timely truth for me, thank you!


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