Stumbling the Plans of Hell

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Prophetic | 4 comments

While our nation experiences a deepening cultural divide, and we are preoccupied with national issues, a significant arrangement of military forces are staging to confront and disempower the free nations of the world and usher in a dark agenda on a global scale. The real battle and eventual victory of this coming conflict will not take place on the natural stage of world politics, but in the spiritual realm.

Analysts are saying China has assembled a greater military force than the United States. China has been preparing to invade Taiwan waiting for the most opportune moment for invasion forcing that nation into a war where their survival will depend on the intervention of the United States and her allies. On the other side of the globe, Russia is threatening Ukraine by amassing its military might at the border between the two nations creating an escalating conflict that by all indications will produce a war. Again, the United States and her allies will carry the weight of conflict. Resources can only go so far until the security of the rescuing nation is compromised. To say a Christian should not be concerned with these issues is the folly of a disengaged faith.

The previous two paragraphs if left standing alone without further understanding will produce fear, not hope. Some believers have taken the posture that these global conflicts are none of our business. As the American Church continues to focus on masks, social distancing, and a desire to return to an elusive definition of normal, greater issues are developing globally that require the attention of our prayers. Nations and their innocent citizens will become cannon fodder in these coming conflicts. To have known what is happening and not prayed and engaged our faith is to be guilty of the sin of abandonment.

This is a time for razor-focused, Spirit-led prayer – a warfare kind of prayer that confronts what Paul described as spiritual forces in high places. For Jan and me, much of our prayer has been prayed in the Spirit, employing our heavenly language of tongues to pray over issues far beyond the information available to our natural minds. These prayers step over disinformation campaigns and biased reporting to strike at the heart of darkness.

Our Great Commission is a global mandate that requires we are aware of what is transpiring in our world, not just in our neighborhood. Many in the Church have lived in a state of slumber and disengagement for decades and have been willing to accept worldviews and interpretations of reality that have neutered their faith. A rude alarm is about to sound on the global stage. This is our time to stumble hell’s attempt to employ ungodly and unrighteous governments to wage war and use their populace as pawns to fulfill a destructive agenda of death and domination. Our prayers and involvement can change the course of human history.  


    • Arie Hofman

      Glad I can pray in tongues. Do my bit. Also glad I don’t have to stick my head in the sand and hope it all goes away.

  1. Linda Kay Spires

    A friend of mine sent this article to me. Thank you for this focused written expression of current and future potential events. In my spirit, I so agree with these prayer needs and will be praying along these lines. May the Lord, our Champion Jesus, who interceeds with and for us, have His way in His Ekklesia hearts, lives and for His Kingdom and Glory! Thanks, again!!

  2. Elizabeth Zacks

    Thank you Garris. Thank you.


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