When Truth Offends

by | Apr 23, 2021 | Prophetic | 2 comments

It is a challenge to speak the truth in love in a culture where you are forced to spend the bulk of your time offering disclaimers in your preparatory remarks before you even get to the truth. The possibility of offense is always present when a wide variety of opinions exist.

The need to appeal to the loudest dissenters of truth has caused some to remain silent and not want to engage in the drama. Silence of opposing voices is the desired outcome of those who want your voice to be muted and the air filled with only filtered and approved representations of reality.

Truth spoken in love is not always tidy, polite, or prepared. Some things must be said without qualifying attachments or an acceptable protocol, especially in moments of urgency. A simple and uncluttered expression of truth can be interpreted as insensitive by the culture, and sadly by some in the Church who are committed to group-think as the evidence of unity.


  1. Laurie

    So true!

  2. Terry Cargill

    God is Love. I believe that truth spoken in love is not about the presentation, but about the leading of the Holy Spirit so that God’s love is present in what I speak. If I can keep that perspective, speaking only what God tells me to say to others, then my accountability it only to Him. Jesus always walked in compassion and spoke in truth. I hope that can always be the model that I use to measure my words.


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