Style vs. Substance

by | Oct 24, 2021 | Prophetic | 1 comment

An important distinction needs to be made between style and substance. If not, we will become susceptible to the shrewd and stylistic presentations of misinformation that appeal to our senses, not to the wisdom and insight offered by the Spirit.

We all have some sense of style in how we dress, speak, and our preferences regarding certain aspects of life. These are the innocent elements of stylistic preference. Where style becomes a dangerous interpreter of reality is when we allow style to overcome reason.  We need discernment to pick through these issues to understand what is taking place behind the imagery and sound that has been packaged for our acceptance.

Just because we claim to follow Jesus Christ that claim is not a guarantee we will always make wise choices if we allow style, not substance to determine our choices. The next time a bone of style is tossed your way, pick it up and take time to examine its substance. It may not be all you have been led to believe. At that point of realization, toss it back to its purveyors and move on. God has something better in mind.

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  1. John Anderson II

    Garris, thanks for a timely and valuable reminder.

    Another valuable component is interpretation and application. It seems that Zechariah modeled the type of interactive dialog that the Lord uses to train prophets. It began with a vision and the question “Son of man, what do you see?” If he got that right, the next question was “What does it mean?” and so on, until eventually, he knew who to relate the vision to, what it meant, and what advice (application) to bring.

    May we all boldly press into the intimate dialog that the Lord desires, so we mature as prophetic vessels and voices.


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