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What has been held by God out of sight in the realm of the Spirit is being prepared for arrival. When we think the arrival of an intervention is impossible it means we have judged a circumstance by human standards, not by the will and heart of God.

When I used to teach pilots to fly under instrument conditions, one thing they were taught was how to perform what is called a holding pattern. Some airports became so busy that arriving aircraft must wait their turn. This is when pilots are issued “a hold” in the clouds waiting for landing instructions.  This keeps an aircraft in safe airspace until cleared for landing. In busy times when several aircraft want to land, traffic controllers would perform what is called “stacking.” Air Traffic Controllers stack aircraft at safe altitudes in holding patterns until cleared to land.

For the last few months, I have felt like the Lord was stacking supernatural interventions and turnarounds in the spiritual realm waiting for clearance to land.  Some of these arrivals were prophesied before some of us were born. Others were spoken only a few years ago, but we forgot about them. God has not forgotten. 

There are two runways being made ready for landing. One runway will receive the fulfillment of promises for those who, under the pressure and disappointments of life, have given up hope. The coming arrival will deliver an unimagined joy. The other runway will receive the works of God that will pull down established and entrenched strongholds of hell. Those in control of those strongholds have become overconfident thinking a God-intervention could never happen. For those in charge of these strongholds, a great reversal is about to arrive.

Even though we cannot yet see these arrivals, what God has promised is currently in descent in preparation for landing. At just the right moment, what God has promised will break through the clouds of disbelief to make its presence known. Supernatural payloads are about to land in our lives. Look up! What God has promised has been prepared for arrival.

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  1. Lennard Zylstra

    This is very encouraging. Thank you.


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