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When global events take a dark turn, we all want to feel informed because in insecure times insight into what is happening can bring some level of comfort. The warring action of nations does not paint a full picture of what is taking place.  In the middle of death and carnage, God is at work. We need prophets to announce His intentions, especially when all we are being offered on our screens are messages and images that sound hopeless. 

In times of upheaval between nations, prophetic voices will rise to offer insight into what is transpiring. Not all that is deemed to be prophetic is of the Lord. Some are simply hopeful guesswork searching for a handhold of understanding in fearful times when it feels like we are experiencing a global freefall. This is not an evil thing and should not be labeled as such. Some of these messages are simply well-intentioned personal insights that have been labeled as prophecy. 

We need to give each other an offering of grace when this takes place because not all that is being prophesied in the Lord’s name will prove to be accurate. This is true for every single prophet no matter their stature or reputation. A perfect God chooses to speak through imperfect people and because of that, not all we hear or prophesy will be 100% on target.

One of our greatest weapons against the advance of evil is not prophecy, it is a united front of love and forgiveness within the ranks of the Church. This does not mean we toss discernment or wisdom out the window. It simply means we should not allow the same emotions that cripple the world in times of uncertainty to overcome our spiritual sensibilities and divide our ranks.

As things heat up and wars and rumors of wars rage, we need to listen to all the prophetic voices currently speaking and look for a common thread of revelation. In all that is currently being prophesied, there will be common threads of revelation that when woven into a larger fabric of insight will give us a glimpse of what is coming. 


  1. Jonathan Khan

    Certainly as the threads of truth are confirmed by the mouth of witnesses we have prophetic confirmation. A prophetic tapestry that conveys relevant truth to both the church and the world. As you wisely pointed out undergirding the Body of Christ in this era must be His love expressed for one another. God’s love is integral to the realization of spiritual gifts being maxmized. It empowers prophecy.

    Yours in Christ,
    Apostle Jonathan Khan.

  2. Michaela



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