Surprising Your Enemy

by | Sep 7, 2014 | Favor, Forgivness, Future, Honor, Love | 0 comments

You are in a spiritual battle and you need to let your enemy win.  This tactic will make no sense.  Jesus said to bless your enemies.  He instructed His disciples to forgive 7 times 70.  This crazy kind of cheek-turning love only happens when becoming the victor is no longer your goal.

Within each enemy is a potential ally who is only discovered when you employ the battle tactics of Jesus. Those who know this secret of Kingdom warfare choose to see their enemies this way no matter how down and dirty the battle gets.  This level of revelation is hidden from those who live by the tactics of payback and vengeance.  This is a childlike love and approach to conflict that ushers in the truest form of victory.

Place you enemies before you in your mind.  Prophesy hope to them.  Declare on this day that you have chosen to set them free from judgment and punishment. If you do this God will be free to turn this relational conflict into a place of potential fellowship, friendship and alliance.


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