The Myth Of The Good Old Days

by | Sep 5, 2014 | Change, Culture, Destiny, Holy Spirit, Truth | 0 comments

There never were any “good old days” for some people.  If you were a person of color the good old days had sunset laws that would not allow you to be out after dark.  If you were a woman you took your calling and went to the back of the line while a male-dominated clergy kept you in your place.  If you were a young person you were told that you were the Church of tomorrow and to stop raising questions today about things you could never understand until you became “mature”.

The “good old days” are an illusion held by those who many times feel confused and afraid of the present.  Have compassion for those held in this crippling mindset. They live in a mental prison that does not allow them to see the goodness of God in each generation of history.

Scripture tell us that Jesus is the same yesterday, today and forever.  If this is true then there never will be a season of life that takes preeminence over another because the fullness of Christ is always available each and every day.  Those who are led by His Spirit will look for the good in this moment and declare this is the day the Lord has made and rejoice because of it.  This is what makes every day we experience a good day.


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