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In a dream last night, I was able to see inside an airliner in flight. In the middle of the flight, someone removed their mask, stood up, and yelled, “The engines are out!” It was obvious the airliner was about to crash. That was all I got in the dream. I felt a need to write a word about the dream, but I did not have enough information to craft the word. The remainder of the imagery and an interpretation came later in the day.

As soon as the passenger made the stark announcement about the engines failing, the overhead oxygen masks were released and dropped down in front of each passenger. Then the strangest thing happened. Only a few of the passengers were willing to remove their cloth masks and put on the oxygen masks. They were afraid to breathe in anything other than the stale cabin air they had been breathing throughout the flight. For those who removed their cloth masks and affixed an oxygen mask to their face, something unusual took place. As soon as they took their first breath of clean air, the ceiling above them opened up and their seat transformed into an ejection seat. They were shot upward away from the airliner to a safe altitude where a parachute was deployed allowing them to safely descend back to earth.

As I sat with the Lord and inquired what the dream and the following points of revelation meant, I was given details to help me interpret the dream. 

As a culture, we are flying along on a doomed flight breathing in misinformation and deception we have too easily accepted as being true. Many have become so accustomed to the stale air of their surroundings, that even when faced with the peril of a personal and cultural crash, they remain unwilling to unmask their intellect and a lack of discernment to breath in a fresh and unfamiliar word of truth from the Lord – a truth that contradicts the reality they have been told to believe.

Dramatic change is coming. The engines of culture are beginning to fail. Before that critical moment of dramatic change arrives, it will force each of us to make some difficult choices. Will we continue to breathe in only what we have been offered by the world, or will we be willing to receive a word from the Lord? The failure of continuous and never-ending legislative battles between opposing political parties, the failure of forced compliance to cultural absurdities and mandates are all the stale air offered to the passengers of a flight heading for peril. Those offerings do not have the power to keep us safe from the coming crash. Only a heart willing to receive and act upon truth carried by the breath of God can offer us a safe escape.  


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