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This week, I saw images of a convoy of thousands of truckers driving across Canada to protest mandates. Other images also came this week from New York where thousands of police officers from across America stood together in the streets at a memorial service for a fallen fellow officer. The sea of police officers in dress uniform was also a sign of solidarity against those who disdain law and order and approve of the murder of those called to protect and serve our communities. 

The images of the convoy of trucks and thousands of police officers standing in the streets of New York are prophetic signs of what is coming. Those images have gone largely unpublished in our media and not addressed from many of our pulpits. For the most part, the Church has either ignored this phenomenon or labeled it as not a matter of faith and remained silent. 

Something is emerging beyond those who drive trucks to bring us food and police officers who try to make our streets safe. These new emerging groups will be comprised of like-minded people who are no longer willing to stand by and allow anarchy to gain further traction without peaceful confrontation. People have grown tired of attempts to silence their voice by those in positions of power who are now drunk with the unfettered exercise of their influence. The intoxication of power has led them to describe those who oppose their edicts as dangerous individuals who hold “unacceptable views” to the social order.

Historically, reformation begins with pockets of protest that at some point will coalesce to become a movement calling for national reform. Reformation is very uncomfortable for those in established seats of power in cultural institutions and those in positions of leadership within the Church. A place of jeopardy occurs in the mission of the Church when secular and spiritual leaders use the same wording to dismiss those who are calling for reformation. 

We are at the beginning of a significant reformation. Wise leaders should consider what is taking place. This is not a secular spirit that is stirring our nation. It is the Spirit of God. The stirring and resulting reformation will not be perfect or without error because imperfect people are involved.


  1. Anna McIver

    This past weekend there was a rally in Conroe,TX at the airport.. 58,000 people attended.. All united with one purpose.. Our prayer group had people on the ground praying… At one time a sound started from the very back of the crowd and moved forward.. It was strong like a power filled roar.. The battle is turning..

  2. Mike Kludt

    Reformation–‘ a re forming of a nation

  3. Riekie Dalm

    Yes Garris I agree. These convoys are across all nations. Ordinary citizens rising up while the pulpit remains silent.


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