Something is being manifested in nature causing me to think the created order is responding to what the Spirit is releasing in Oregon and beyond. Two events are taking place at the same time and in the same location in this region- one literally on top of the other. A massive fire is raging in SW Oregon along with an unusually large swarm of Earth tremors shaking underneath the fire. (See the link below.) 

We can too easily separate and dismiss the response of the created order from spiritual issues. For those who live in Oregon, the natural fire and the shaking Earth are saying something to us. Don’t join too quickly with the dismissive voices who fail to see some of these connections as having relevance. 

God wants to release a fire of revival and reformation to consume the deception holding our region in spiritual bondage. He also desires to shake the false foundations of people and cultural institutions that are preventing this region and our nation from flourishing in the love and goodness of God.


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