The Embers of Revival Fire Still Burn

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What was burning as a revival fire in the past and appears to have died out has not been fully extinguished. A burning ember of passion always remains. That ember has continued to smolder in the hearts of people waiting for a moment in time, as directed by the Spirit, to reignite and burn once again. Historic revivals never die. An ember of hope always remains somewhere in someone. To those who only see revival through natural eyes, the fires of revival can seem to burn out, but they always remain in the hearts of passionate people as embers of hope waiting for the right conditions to reignite.

Jan and I live in southern Oregon. For several years, our summers have included smoke from wildfires. It seems to have become a predictable summer event. Currently, we are living in the smoke once again caused by a large blaze about 70 miles north of us. Many of us are learning more about the science of fire.

This morning, I was reading a report about these summer fires and came across a fact I did not previously know. Some of these large fires are never fully extinguished until the arrival of rain and snow in the fall season. In some cases, even the rain and snow does not end the life of a fire. A fire named the Klondike fire that burned last summer was a 50,000+acre monster near Selma, Oregon. The fire lay smoldering through the winter and in the last few days, it has reignited. The reignition was because of lingering embers that kept burning in the stumps of large trees.

If you carry a passionate ember from a revival in the past, even though you do not see any outward evidence of a current revival fire burning, do not lose heart. Follow the leading of the Spirit. Be immediate in your obedience when God asks you to do something. Your faith may be stretched far outside your spiritual comfort zone, but do it anyway. The smallest act of obedience from someone who carries an ember of revival fire can be the single spark that sets a city or a nation ablaze for the glory of God. 


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