Tasting Forgotten Fruit

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Today, as Jan and I
walked along a sidewalk in historic Jacksonville, Oregon we passed a building
built in the 1800’s. I noticed mounds of dark purple grapes on the sidewalk. I
reached down and picked up one of the grapes and put it in my mouth. It was
very sweet.

For a moment, I thought
someone had dropped the grapes from a grocery bag, but then I realized I had
passed this way many times over the years and remembered a large grape vine that
was growing overhead. A large balcony overhangs the sidewalk that has become a
trellis for the vine. Up from a hole in the sidewalk cement the very old grape
vine climbs and has intertwined in the structure. It is now almost Christmas
and to my surprise, I saw many large clusters of grapes still hanging on the leafless vine.
This is a wine-growing region. The harvest of wine grapes was completed several
months ago.

I told Jan I wanted
to stop and take a picture of the grapes and the vine. As I was setting up the
shot the Lord began to download a word.

“This is a time for
the release of forgotten fruit from a previous season. This fruit has hung in
suspension over your life for an appointed release at this time. My fruit is
not subject to the cycles of growth and harvest in the natural realm. When it
arrives it will fall on your pathway as a surprise blessing out of season. You
think the time of your fruitfulness has passed you by, but I have always had a
plan in place to release unusual fruitfulness into your life. Its release has
been waiting for My command. I have now given the command for supernatural
fruit to fall on your life. I love to surprise My children with My goodness. I
have caused this sweet fruit to remain for this time. This will be My gift for
you. I want to let you know I have not forgotten.”

I have carried this
word all day and I can still taste the memory of that sweet grape. Get ready
for a release of fruitfulness to arrive in your life in the most unusual and
unexpected places. That is just like your Father. He desires to surprise you
with abundant expressions of His love.

did not choose Me but I chose you, and appointed you that you would go and bear
fruit, and that your fruit would remain, so that whatever you ask of the Father
in My name He may give to you.”John


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