The Hot Combat of Prophetic Ministry

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For the last few
days I have been hearing the phrase, “Hot Combat”. Hot combat is what takes
place on the frontlines in an actual shooting war. It is a bloody place where
you either live or die.

We need to be
reminded of the reality of warfare.  Not just
the painful reality of warfare between nations, but of the equally real life
and death struggle that takes place in spiritual warfare.

Recently, a very
gifted and anointed prophet, Kim Clement passed away. He was a raw and vibrant
voice. Last night, Jan and I watched several of Kim’s videos. The accuracy of
his insight was amazing.  I saw a man who
continually lived in the prophetic combat zone of a real hot war in the Spirit.
Doug Addison recently wrote about the passing of Kim Clement and said his death
was akin to the passing of Stephen recorded in Acts 7. Like Stephen, Kim stood
courageously before the power structures of the world and declared the word of
the Lord. At Stephen’s death, and now with Kim, Doug wrote that there was an
unfurling of injustice upon the earth. That injustice created a vacuum allowing
God to move in greater measure in repayment. In God’s Kingdom each seed that
falls to the Earth is a promise of a future harvest. Kim’s life planted a seed.

With the passing of
Kim Clement, I was reminded once again the serious and severity of certain
aspects of prophetic ministry. These Hot War engagements take place
when deep darkness is either uncovered or threatened to be uncovered. This
uncovering is the frontline of prophetic ministry. The enemy will not allow
this uncovering to go unchallenged.

There is the
difference between a soldier in hot combat who is fighting on the frontline in
the heat of war looking eye-to-eye with the enemy and someone who is 20 miles
away working a supply line. While an effective and continuous supply line is
vital to any campaign, it is not where blood is spilled. Kim and others like
him prophesy with the weapons of Heaven into dark frontlines where hell is
attempting to take new ground. Those prophetic words jeopardize the hidden
tactics of darkness. A prophetic voice at this level becomes a real threat to
the works of hell.

Some prophetic
voices in the Church have greater visibility than others. Visibility does not
equate to impact. Some of you reading this are unknown and remain unnoticed in
your place of assignment. What you see and hear from the Lord and release as
prophetic insight has placed you on the frontlines of a hot conflict. You are
not fighting alone. Others are embedded in the conflict with you. If you could
see the host of heaven surrounding your current position you would be amazed.  Continue to speak the truth in love no matter what
the enemy throws at you. God has a battle plan designed to use your voice as a
supernatural weapon to advance His Kingdom. Give God your fear and He will give
you His victory.

have defeated him by the blood of the Lamb and by their testimony. And they did
not love their lives so much that they were afraid to die.”Revelation


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