Terminal Destinations

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Faithfulness, Freedom, Holy Spirit, Power, Supernatural | 0 comments

Be careful to not wrap your significance around what you do for work or ministry. Do not allow your current assignment to become a destination. This way of thinking can produce a lie that says you are finished and have come to the end of the line arriving at a terminal destination.

You have been placed in your current life-assignment for strategic Kingdom purposes. You carry the very presence of God. You are filled with signs, wonders and miracles. You carry supernatural encounters that will bring breakthrough to the lives of the people you meet in the mundane schedules of your daily life. Your daily task is only a vehicle that you will use to ride into the lives of people to make these God-deliveries.

You have felt hints of boredom in the daily routine of your life. Making tents probably wasn’t very exciting for the Apostle Paul, but he did it anyway. Paul made tents for a season because making tents put him in contact with the people who needed what he carried. Shake off this natural way of seeing your circumstances. Invite the Holy Spirit to show you the tremendous opportunities all around you to make Him known. Making that small adjustment in your heart will open doors for ministry that are now hidden from your sight.


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