Living A Life Of Expectation

by | Jun 9, 2014 | Faith, Favor, Future, Hope, Joy, Peace | 0 comments

You have been sensing God is about to deliver
something new. You are like a person
expecting an important package to arrive on their doorstep. You jump up at each new sound and run to the
door thinking the delivery person has arrived.

This is exactly where God wants you –
expectant.  This is not a false hope you
are waiting for. God is sending fresh revelation your way. This is why you can live
a life of expectation.  

Like the joy a child would experience on
Christmas morning or someone who has just realized the surprise birthday party
is actually for them, cultivate again an innocent expectation of God’s goodness
in your life.  Your expectancy will
become a wonderfully infectious atmosphere that has the power to change
everyone and everything around you.


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