A few days ago someone made an honoring comment about me in reference to something I wrote. They did not direct the comment to me personally. The person was writing to the people who follow their ministry. I found out about the comment just because I stumbled across it on social media.

I came away from reading those affirming words feeling a gentle touch of love – a touch that was not anticipated or expected. To be honest, it felt good. From time to time undiscovered words of affirmation will make their way back to us and when they arrive they are like spring rain to the soul.

Be that kind of person. Find something good and affirming to speak about people. This is the sound and flavor of a Kingdom conversation. The heart of a prophetic life is affirming and encouraging and it will always invite people to something higher and better. I can think of nothing more uplifting to the human spirit than hearing unexpected words of affirmation and love. 


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