The Arrival of Unexpected Miracles

by | Jul 24, 2020 | Deliverance, Discernment, Faith, Future, Gifts, Healing, Hope, Leadership | 1 comment

To those of you who lead anything – a business, a church, or a family – God knows what you are facing. You are giving it your best, and yet you still have a lingering suspicion that your best might not be enough or that somehow you have missed an important step along the way. Everyone, this writer included, has opinions about what you should do, but not all we offer is the opinion of God. Sometimes, sadly, our opinions may not reflect the heart of God. 

The Lord knows what you are facing. While you struggle trying to discover your next step, the Lord has a hidden miracle planned, something secreted away from your current understanding. It will arrive unexpectedly and seemingly out of nowhere. These hidden miracles are hovering over businesses, churches, families, and even nations, waiting for deployment. When these miracles arrive, they will reveal the love of God in astounding ways. Choose to live in that expectation. It will bring you the hope you need to wisely lead in this very challenging season of life.

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  1. Pastor Steve Perez

    As the Pastor of a small rural church in Crescent City, CA., Hiouchi Community Fellowship, there are times I feel I am missing something. Thank you, this is so meaningful to me personally!


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