A beautiful thing just happened. I had finished praying when it felt as though someone walked into the room. It was like that feeling you experience when you have your eyes closed and a person silently enters a room and displaces the air around you creating a sense of motion. No one was physically present in the room with me when this happened. It was a movement created in the unseen world of the Spirit but felt in the natural.

I wondered why I had just experienced such a unique sensation. Immediately I knew the answer. The Lord was reminding me that upon arrival the answers to our prayers will begin to displace what opposes their manifestation and mission. Some of these answers can actually be a felt experience.

God allowed me to feel the arrival of an answered prayer to build my faith for a subject close to my heart. He also allowed me to experience that arrival to let you know this happens each time you pray in accordance with God’s will and from the desires of your heart. For reasons not always known to us, some prayers have arrival times that can appear like delays but are not. It is simply a timing issue. As you prayed, God was orchestrating something much greater than you realized and He needed a measure of time to bring all the elements into play before the final answer arrived. 

When the answer to your prayer comes nothing will be able to stand in its way. It will arrive with authority, so much authority that even the natural environment will reflect its arrival.


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